I first picked up a camera aged 9. It was my Grandfather’s Leica M3, the camera used by the likes of Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa. I was immediately hooked.

Soon after he gave me a much cheaper Russian version and armed with his battered copy of “The Leica Way”, I began a life long adventure in image making.

Throughout my school days I photographed my friends and sold the prints to their parents to pay for film and chemicals for developing. At this time I also acquired an 8mm film camera and began making action movies for the amusement of my friends and bemusement of my teachers.

I left South Yorkshire to study for a degree in Fine Art which included a period of research in Paris. It was during these four years that I was able to fully immerse myself in film, photography and painting, all the while working at weekends and holidays as an assistant to a commercial photographer. This allowed me to support myself whilst also learning some very important tricks of the trade.

The music videos I had began making whilst at Art School somehow found their way onto the desk of legendary A&R executive Muff Winwood, then at CBS Records who eventually tracked me down and issued an invitation to work in London.

15 years of assignments in London, Dublin & Manchester followed; making music videos, commercials  as well as TV and film commissions. I worked with film luminaries like John Hurt, Peter Capaldi and Joss Ackland. I also shot an interview with then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for a documentary – a strange experience for a South Yorkshire lad. I also travelled the world on assignments from war torn Angola and Mozambique to the former Soviet Union, The Far East, North & Central America.

I took a break from film making and photography in 2008 to oversee the return of influential Art Rock band Magazine to stage, screen and record. Five years later returned to the North to run a degree course in photography.  I am currently a Lecturer at The University of Lincoln & I am an External Examiner at University Of West London. I was Artistic Director of The Hull International Photography Festival in 2015 and I have been commissioned by Hull City of Culture to deliver the Hull Beermat Photography Festival with winners chosen by Martin Parr for 2017.

 My project "The Kings Of England"  has been on an exhibition since 2014 and will be published as a book in 2017 by Bluecoat Press.

I now divide my time between working on commercial & personal projects, specialising in arts, documentary and portraiture.

In 2016 I was selected as the winner of the Impressions Gallery Planet UK competition chosen by photographer Peter Mitchell. 

In 2017 my work was selected from over 400 submissions to be exhibited at The Belfast Photography Festival.

The Daily Mail recently ran a feature on the work here.

A selection of the pictures were published in Abridged Magazine.

More on Hull Beermat photography Festival soon.

More on HiPfest here.

Recent solo exhibitions:

2017: Belfast Photography Festival

2015: Cooper Gallery Barnsley

          Bridlington Spa

          Hull International Photography Festival

          Bridport Arts Centre

2014: 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Selected Publications:

The Guradian


Daily Mail


Yorkshire Post

Scotland Now

Photo Hanaqui (China)


If you'd like to discuss working with me then please use the contact form.

Photograph by Michael Schultz